Thorens TD160 Upgrade | By HiFi Guru

Thorens TD160 Upgrade | By HiFi Guru

Michael’s original Thorens TD 160 had never been touched and was almost completely out of oil. The bearing reservoir was full of abrasive material however after a good clean the bearing and thrust plate were in great condition making it perfect for a complete rebuild.

We picked up the turntable from Michael’s home and inspected the working parts to gauge the level of complexity of rebuild and the performance we could achieve.

Michael was given several options and associated prices along with an indication of priority and expected performance from each upgrade. These options were:

Sub chassis structural upgrade for resistance to torsion and flex whilst maintaining correct compliance between critical tone arm and spindle locations.

Resonance control to key components

Bearing strip clean and rebuild

Potential tonearm upgrades, 3 options offered

Motor and power supply upgrade

Cartridge upgrade

Professional alignment

Selecting a plinth

The next step was to allow the customer to select a plinth from our hand made hardwood selection. Since no two pieces of timber are alike we wanted to give Michael some examples to choose from. See some of those below.

Michael chose a Jarrah oversized hardwood plinth with the angled base.

Building the plinth

Our plinths are hand-made using seasoned Jarrah hardwood. Before the plinth is made we measure the existing turntable to ensure the perfect fit. The Thorens TD 160 can vary in top plate size and we have to want the plinth to fit perfectly to improve resonance control and to have precise framing of the plate.

thorens td160 upgrade

thorens td160 upgrade

thorens td160 upgrade