Ceramic bearing upgrades

Thorens TD125 with HiFi Guru ceramic bearing installed
Thorens TD125 polished main Bearing

Every bearing face or thrust plate we’ve ever encountered in older turntables has been worn down through countless revolutions of the platter bearing pressing down on this static surface (thrust plate). In most cases the bearing and thrust plate is made from a similar materials, typically stainless steel. Many turntables Bearings can be rejuvenated or replaced, however there is often no consideration for the thrust plate supporting all the weight to be repaired. The fact is there is no point replenishing the bearing if it is to be seated on the original damaged thrust plate. Excessive wear on this thrust plate will significantly reduce the life of the bearing and result in problematic levels of wow and flutter. The only option is to replace it. And if that’s the only option, it makes sense to replace with a part that will outlast the bearing, lengthen the life of the bearing and yield the lowest measurable wow, flutter, noise and vibration.

Enter our exclusive high temperature sintered ceramic bearing thrust plate. Made from military grade ceramic and heat compressed at over 5000 degrees centigrade. The HiFi Guru ceramic thrust plate is well over 20 times harder than the original stainless steel thrust plates found in original turntables like the Thorens TD125, 126, 150, 160…

This bearing option is available and highly recommended with any HiFi Guru refurbishment or service. Contact us for a no obligation quote