Simon Wilde

Passionate about sound and music from a young age and with a keen interest in electronics I found myself drawn to HiFi. A hobby that turned into a career. Studying Electronic Engineering and working for the Department of Defense in an array of areas including the Satellite Communications and Ordnance Explosives Divisions I gained experience in signal transmission, military specification quality control, multi array vibration and accelerometer data acquisition. Also design and development experience for applied field testing equipment, working with high precision CNC machining and manufacturing disciplines within the many support groups.

I moved into the HiFi and audio industry in the mid 90’s eventually heading up the Research & Development team at international speaker company Duntech Audio, was involved in multi faceted manufacturing within a turn key manufacturing company supplying export speakers and HiFi, and then heading R&D and General Manager for Australian stalwart VAF Research. I’ve had a wonderfully wide and diverse exposure to the electronics and mechanical engineering fields that segue beautifully into the world of HiFi and the search for the truth of the engineering behind the ‘dark arts’ of music reproduction.

With over 25 years experience in the industry I’ve continued to apply the rational and results based engineering principles that have become the corner stone of performance advancements and award winning designs I have been a part of. We’re excited to focus our experience and skills together into HiFi Guru to provide genuine high quality products and refurbishments for one of the most demanding and challenging HiFi sources – the analogue turntable.