Soundsmith – Hyperion MKII

The truest testament to the quality and performance of an audio component are what others in the industry have to say about it. The Hyperion has been chosen as the cartridge to show off manufacturers equipment performance at HiFi Shows the world over. When they 

Soundsmith – Zephyr MKIII & MIMC STAR

The Zephyr models, available in low output (MC phono compatible) and high output (MM Phono compatible) have achieved what no other cartridge has done since its inception . . . rapid recognition as a leading force to become the choice of cartridge – neatly balancing 

Soundsmith – Aida MKII

A triumph of Soundsmith Engineering, Stereophile Class “A” rated, a rarity at its price point – and for good reasons. The Aida MKII employs a laser drilled Sapphire cantilever with ultra-low mass Contact Line stylus; this resolves the challenges of playing the inner grooves with 


A lifetime in audio inventing, designing, manufacturing and mentoring. (Click on an image for more information) Under the auspices of Peter Ledermann, President and Chief Engineer, the Soundsmith Corporation has been crafted as a company for more than 40 years. It exists today as a 

Soundsmith – Otello

The entry level Otello captures more than its fair share of recorded beauty – by design. Big soundstage, detail and resolution at an affordable price.Let’s put the Otello in perspective – moving mass is the enemy of ANY cartridge, the more weight moving on the 

Soundsmith – Carmen MKII

The Carmen design resolves higher performance at an affordable price. A dramatic deep and wide soundstage, and ultra trackability.The Carmen MKII was created out of the desire to make a very high performance design at an affordable price… Just slightly lush with a well developed